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What A Website Needs To Be Successful

Written by: Nate Rodriguez

what a website needs to be successful

You’ve incorporated your company, set up a neat, little office space, spread the word, and finally taken the first steps toward carrying on your dream business.

Given the times we live in, the next rational thing to do, of course, is setting up a website that gives your business a dominant online presence.

When it comes to establishing a successful online identity to eventually scale up your business, a website is one of the most powerful resources that you can use.

In this article, you'll learn what a website needs to be successful, but before going into building an website, we need to set the right expectations and being clear on what results your site needs to be successful.

To make things easier for you as you get started on creating a website, here are three areas to focus on and what to expect from each of them.

Understand Your Target Audience

A successful website is less generic and more specific; and most popular sites have one thing in common – they are customized to cater to their audience.

There are endless features that website-building tools offer, and often, for first-timers, the temptation to try them all gets overwhelming.

However, restraint is a valuable virtue, and comes in handy here. It’s best to pick only the necessary features and incorporate the kind of content that draws in your target audience.

For instance, a sober layout works well for a website that provides information on weighty subjects like political science or mathematics, while a website that targets movie buffs should be designed to include lots of pictures, trailers, and movie clips.

Focus On The Traffic To Your Site

This is both the easiest and the toughest target to achieve. It’s easy, because in theory, a website that is interesting, easy to use, and meets the requirements of its target audience draws in visitors.

However, in practice, things tend to get a bit more complicated. While your website to be prioritized so it gives your visitors just what they are looking for, it also needs to meet the requirements that the major search engines put forth.

Ensuring that your website is compliant with the general rules of the search engines results in a good ranking for your site’s pages.

Having a good handle on this is important so make sure if you are working with a website design company that you ask how they will make your site SEO optimized.

Focus On Google

Google, for instance, favors sites that load quickly and are easy to navigate around. Informative and error-free content also tends to add an additional layer of authenticity to your site, bringing you closer to the much-coveted first page of the search engine results.

Your website also needs to be designed so you can easily connect to all major social media platforms. It is important to focus on the traffic that is coming from the sites that are linking you in their content.

That is a pretty hard work that you can start to do it yourself or leave it to professionals like us who offer SEO and website design that will help you gain more traffic and leads with your online presence.

Build Lasting Relationships

Once you’ve taken care of the two previous milestones, the visitors will undoubtedly keep coming.

The big question, however, is how do you keep them coming back for more?

The answer doesn’t lie in just one place; it’s everywhere – in the theme of the site, the content you add to it, the media you use, the design, the level and nature of interaction, the ease with which visitors can contact you so they can transform into customers, and even the time that the pages take to load.

All of the above is what a website needs to be successful.

It takes all this and more to build a lasting relationship with the folks who happen to visit your site.

These little things can make a huge difference, and knowing what to expect in each of these areas of importance can take your side a long way up the ladder of success.

In addition, there are other strategies you can implement to build relationships like guest posting.


Making your website successful doesn't happen overnight. It's the result of small decisions about your website that really can make or break your online presence.

Focusing on your target market and audience, focusing on traffic generation and engineering your site to build a relationship with your traffic are time tested strategies on how to make your website successful.

It might sound simple, but this is the core of what makes websites successful.

Note: We create successful websites for our clients day in and day out. Get in touch and let's get to work.

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