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We use a robust ticket support system that helps us keep track of all of your tickets, while allowing you to use the email of your choice to send and receive updates to your requests!

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Remote First!

In 2020, LIFTOFF Digital became a "Remote First" company. While most of our staff is still located in the San Luis Obispo area, we are all working from our homes and conduct meetings online.

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Email us with your questions and requests and we will get right back to you.

Billing Questions?

If you have a billing question, feel free to email support and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Email us

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Phone Support

Feel free to call us at 1.805.476.7953, but do consider that calls are coming to our homes and we may miss you initially! The best method for reaching us is via the support email which comes into our ticketing system and is monitored by a number of us internally!

Physical Mail

As a "Remote First" company, we no longer make use of a centralized office. Of course, many of our client still send us paid invoices. For that, we use a third party mail management company called "Virtual Post Mail". Any mail for us should be sent to the following address, where it is scanned and we manage it online!


440 N Barranca Ave #8053
Covina, CA 91723