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Website Tone Of Voice: Top 5 Tips For A Clear Tone Of Voice For Your Website

website tone of voiceWhat you say is important when it comes to creating stellar content for your website; how you say it is just as important.

All successful sites, despite their varying tones of voice (ranging from professional and crisp to fun and upbeat), have one thing in common – a clear website tone of voice in their content.

Here are the top 5 reasons a coherent tone of voice is vital for your website.

1) Brand Image Building

A clear tone of voice creates a unique identity for your business in the minds of the readers – it helps them identify not just with what your company does, but with who you actually are.

In other words, it brings your brand to life.

2) Creating A Bond of Trust

When there’s clarity and consistency in the tone of voice you use for your site, it helps connect better with the reader.

Over the course of time, this helps build a bond of trust that cements the business-customer relationship.

3) Familiarity Breeds Clientele

Adopting a distinct tone of voice makes a mark on your readers’ mind, and eventually lets them get familiar with the kind of language you use on your site.

In due time, this familiarity transforms into trust, and visitors turn to first-time customers, and ultimately, into recurrent clients.

4) Persuasion Is an Added Perk

Much like life offline, people online are persuaded by clarity.

Crisp content gets an idea across more effectively than a write-up that merely blunders through an idea, and makes it a near-effortless task to convince potential and prospective customers.

Note: If you want us to improve your website, we'd love to help make your website clear for your customers. Get in touch.

5) Fortified Online Presence

One of the most glaring differences between the sites that make it to the limelight and the ones that fade out into obscurity is the degree of lucidity in the language used.

This seemingly unimportant factor can make or break your page ranking, and the right tone of voice can strengthen your online presence to a surprising extent.

How Do I Know What The Right Tone Of Voice Is?

Above all, using a clear tone of voice lets your site enjoy one great advantage – improved site traffic. Here’s how: if the content you use on your website is curated to match the style of language that your target audience uses, you’ve got the first mile covered.

A site dedicated to science and research only manages to reach its target audience when it precisely uses the right tone of voice (here, the appropriate scientific vocabulary).

What About Other Websites?

On the other hand, a website that’s dealing with life hacks would do better with a lighter and clearer tone of voice. Once you’ve established your tone of voice, you’ll be a natural part of your audience’s lives - your existing visitors will spread the good word.

If you’re running a website for your company, or if you’re creating content for a client’s site, using a clear tone of voice must be right at the top of your checklist.

Once that’s taken care of, nearly everything else falls right into place – because speaking clearly is the first step to meaningful connection.

And on a meaningful connection, you can build the success of your business, your project, your campaign or your community.

Note: We create successful websites that use a clear tone of voice for our clients day-in and day-out. Get in touch and let's get to work.

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