Our team of analysts take a data-first approach to digital marketing. Analytics is the foundation for learning and understanding how your audience uses your website and how to improve.

Too many organizations think that analytics means installing some software and accessing a few stock reports (even worse, some don’t even have that part down!) Analytics is much more than implementation.

It starts with planning to determine what things are worth measuring and what things tie into business objectives. From there, the right tools need to be installed, configured, and tested to measure the right data that supports those objectives. Finally, an expert needs to be able to parse and segment the relevant data to glean actionable insights, and report back key metrics and recommendations to improve.

Our team has the passion, process, and problem solving skills to make your website successful.

Analytics Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your analytics service different?

Unlike some organizations, we don’t just provide automated reporting - our analysts dive deep into the data and provide unique and actionable insights for your specific situation. It’s like having an on-staff analyst.

How do you charge?

We charge a flat monthly fee for our services depending on the size of the website. Click here to get an instant quote.

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