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Digital Marketing Case Study

Lab-Grown Diamond Ecommerce Company Drives Leads For $67 Via Facebook

Gemifique is a direct-to-consumer lab-grown diamond eCommerce company. Their team had over 30 years of experience in the luxury jewelry space. They specialized in lab-grown diamond jewelry and custom engagement rings. The client approached us because they needed a new eCommerce website and a partner to help with digital marketing. After meeting with LIFTOFF Digital, they hired us to build a new site and help with their digital marketing.

Once we built out their new eCommerce site, we turned our attention to focusing on digital marketing. The first thing we did was execute paid traffic strategies on Facebook. We wanted to promote their custom 'build an engagement ring' service. After designing a Facebook ads strategy with targeting, ad copy, ad images, spend recommendations, and alot more. We launched the ads, and soon enough, we were delivering fresh leads to the client. The result of the campaign was 151,000 impressions, 3,023 clicks, and 36 red hot new leads at $67 per lead. Most importantly, the campaign ended up being a great driver of new business for the company.


New Leads generated via Facebook Ads


Clicks from Facebook Ads


Impressions from Facebook Ads

How We Did It

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Facebook Ads Strategy and Implementation