Why Do I Need A Website Designer For My Fresno Business?

Written by: IanPalmer

Just because you build a website doesn't necessarily mean customers will come. And even if they do come, that doesn't mean they'll actually stay.

According to research, it takes around 0.05 seconds -- that's some 50 milliseconds -- for a website visitor to form an opinion of your website and to then determine if they will remain or exit. When you consider what's at stake, you can appreciate the importance of having a website that attracts visitors and then compels them to stay long enough to spend money. That's why you need a new website design for your Fresno, CA business. Whether you're ready to get a website built for your company or you remain unconvinced, read on for a look at 4 reasons why you need a website designer to develop a professional website for your Fresno, CA business.

1. Your Website is a Reflection of You and Your Business: One study shows that 75% -- or three out of every four -- consumers acknowledge that they judge a company's credibility based on said company's website design. Things like sluggish website loading speed, websites that are not mobile friendly, clutter, and poor site navigation can compel users to flee your website and look elsewhere for the products and services. So it pays to retain the services of a website designer that will help you make a good first impression with customers.

2. Boost Traffic to Your Website: When you hear terms like "search engine optimization" and "keywords," what comes to mind? If you're thinking about hiring a web designer, chances are you're serious about building your company. But achieving this means attracting eyeballs, and you can only do this if they can find you using a search engine. A web designer will have the skills to do this for you. They will employ search engine optimization strategies to ensure that people who want the products and services you sell can find you online.

3. Focus on Your Core Competencies: One of the reasons why you should retain the services of a website designer is that doing so will allow you to focus on what you do best -- build and run your company -- while the website designer does what he or she does best -- create websites that help business owners establish and grow their brands as well as generate revenue and profits.

4. Free Website Builder Programs Cost: It might be tempting to forego the cost of hiring a web designer to use one of those free website builder applications. But going this route means you'll have to deal with things like advertisements, limited storage, minimal customer support, limited number of features, and no domain name. These issues will reflect poorly on your company and make it appear more like a hobby than a viable business.

If you're a business owner interested in maximizing your website strategy, consider retaining a website designer for your Fresno, CA company. We're a web design and development company that has successfully built 1,000+ websites in San Luis Obispo, and we're now expanding into Fresno, CA. Get in touch and find out how we can help!

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