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How LIFTOFF Digital's Creates Google Shopping Campaigns For Clients

Welcome to our expectations page!

As a client of ours, you can expect a comprehensive approach to your Google Shopping efforts. As a reminder your service begins with a thorough new account setup and Google Shopping setup to ensure that we have the right foundation in place. From there, we'll move on to product feed optimization and a full-funnel approach to maximize the potential of your campaigns. We'll also conduct a competitor analysis to stay ahead of the competition, and set up enhanced eCommerce tracking to get a better understanding of your customer's journey. In addition to campaign strategy and development, you'll receive monthly reports and have weekly updates with your dedicated account manager to keep you up-to-date on our progress.

Below we'll get into how we roll out this service to clients:


Our process starts with a questionnaire in the form of a Google document. The questionnaire is meant to gather basic and more advanced information (both business and product related info) that will be pertinent to your account setup so please take your time answering the questions in the questionnaire. The answers will also help us to determine the best strategy for your google shopping campaigns.

Kick Off Call

We will schedule a kick-off call to discuss the details of your project and answer any questions you may have. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and ensure that we are all on the same page.

Setup Process

After the kick-off call, we'll start the setup process which involves configuring your Google Shopping account and preparing your products for display. This may include setting up shopping feeds, creating product groups, and optimizing your product titles and descriptions.

Workshop Deep Dive

After we complete the setup process, we'll schedule a workshop deep dive with you. The workshop is a more in-depth, interactive session where we will delve deeper into your new Google Shopping strategy. We'll show you the plan which includes discussing your target audience, goals, and the overall direction of your campaigns.

Pre Launch

Before we launch your Google Shopping campaigns, we will conduct a thorough review to ensure that everything is set up correctly and ready for success. This may include testing the shopping feed, checking for errors, and making any necessary optimizations.


Once everything is ready, we will launch your Google Shopping campaigns. This will involve setting live the shopping feeds and setting up the appropriate budget and bidding strategies.

Post Launch Optimizations

There is a 2-week window after launching new Google Shopping campaigns called the "learning phase". During the "learning phase", we recommend letting the campaign run without any adjustments. After the first 2 weeks of new campaigns, we'll look at the data and make the first optimizations including adjusting bids, adding negative keywords, and making other changes as needed. However also keep in the mind, the reality of launching new ad campaigns is that things won't always work right away and campaigns need time to mature and develop.

Communication Expectations

We will communicate with you regularly throughout the process to keep you updated on the progress of your campaigns, and answer any questions you may have. If you email or call us, we'll aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Point Of Contact

As a part of our service, you'll have a dedicated account manager that will be your point of contact moving forward. They will answer any questions you have and pull in team members as needed. We'll confirm your point of contact that can answer any questions you may have.

Wrapping It Up

We hope that this page has helped you understand what to expect when working with us on your Google Shopping campaigns. Our team is dedicated to delivering results and making the process as seamless as possible for you. We are confident that with our expertise and your input, we can create effective and successful campaigns that drive results for your business. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to working with you!

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