What Your Facebook Analytics Page Tells You About Your Website’s performance

Most entrepreneurs or small-business owners today also need to be avid social media enthusiasts, and have a Facebook page of their own. If, like them, you run a Facebook page, you’ve possibly spent quite some time combing through the various stats that the Facebook Insights page offers. Here’s a quick guide about what these analytics actually tell you.

The likes and the ‘unlikes’

With Facebook Insights, you can learn these four vital stats about how well-liked your page is:

How the total number of likes on your page has grown or declined each day

How many organic searches and paid searches have happened over the selected period

How many ‘unlikes’ you’ve had on your page

Where your page likes happen (whether on Facebook, or through other sites)

The nature of engagements

You can also discover the pattern of reactions to your posts, and see for yourself how many people have opted to hide or unlike your posts, or report them as spam. The Insights page also reveals the pattern of reactions, comments, and shares on your posts. These stats help you understand the kind of content that your audience loves, and the type of posts that aren’t so popular with them.

All about the views

Your Facebook Insights page gives you a thorough rundown about how many times your page, and the various tabs on it, were viewed. You get to see the various other external sources (such as ads and websites) that led people to your page. And the best part? You’re shown the demographics of your audience – their age, gender, city, country, and even what device (whether mobile or desktop) they use to view your page. Using this, you can analyze the age and gender of the people your posts resonate most with, and verify whether your posts are actually reaching your target audience.

The actions on your page

With Facebook Insights, you can check up on the various actions that visitors to your page engage in. This includes how many people clicked the call-to-action button on your page, how many visitors wanted to get to know the directions to your place of business, how many of them chose to visit your website from your page, and even how many times people clicked on the contact information you provided. In other words, this directly translates to how well you’re managing to obtain leads, and convert visitors to customers.

All about your posts, events, and videos

This analytical tool also tells you about what time of the day your fans are online (so you can time your posts accordingly), and what kind of posts (status updates, links, photos, or videos) are best liked by your audience. You can even track the pages of your competitors, and your Insights page lets you look at their top posts as well. Also, you can view the entire spectrum of statistics related to the events you organize, right from how many people viewed the event, how many responded/reacted to it, how many of them bought tickets to the event, and all the related demographics. It doesn’t end here; you can use this tool to check out the number of views on the videos you post (as well as the number of views that lasted over 10 seconds), the top videos in your album, and various other data grouped into categories like unique views, repeat views, views due to auto-play, and click-to-play views on your video.

With such a wealth of information, Facebook Insights is undoubtedly an analytical tool that makes it infinitely easier to understand the performance of your Facebook page. When used right, this can help you align your posts with the preferences of your target audience, so you can expand your customer base to meet your goal.

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