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LIFTOFF started out in 2005 building websites for businesses. Over time, we realized that even though we were building great sites, the real value was in driving results to those sites. We expanded into covering all the major aspects of digital marketing, but really hit our stride in generating revenue for e-commerce websites.

We are E-commerce Experts

We've built out many e-commerce websites from the ground up for clients which now bring in multi-million dollar revenue numbers each year. Not only that, but we even run a few of our own e-commerce websites bringing in over $100k each month and spend about $20k per month of our own money on our own ads. We not only know how this stuff works, we live and breathe it every day!

We've Developed a System

Through trial and error running our own campaigns we've developed a proven system for running online ads that generate revenue. This system is called the Online Marketing Engine™ and in using it, we currently average a 14.86x return across all the campaigns we manage. That means that for every $100 we spend in ads, we make $1,486 back for our clients. We're fully transparent about our results because the system works. In fact, we're so confident we'll get you results, we have Guaranteed Revenue - if you don't make money, we don't get paid.

How It Works

What the Online Marketing Engine does is what advertisers have been trying to perfect for years - show the right message to the right person at the right time. We create targeted audiences that receive different kinds of ads and messaging depending on how far along they are to making a purchase and what kinds of products they've engaged with. At the most basic level, we'd create an audience funnel that looks like this:




We do this via tracking user events on your website. Then, we serve very specific, targeted ads to users depending on the funnel stage they're in. The ads at each level are meant to take the user to the next level down (not necessarily to purchase although purchases will happen at every stage.) We run the ads on a variety of ad platforms depending on what you're selling including Facebook, Google, Bing, YouTube, and Twitter.

This works incredibly well because most people don't just go and make a purchase straight away. They're typically hearing about a product or have a need, then checking things out, comparison shopping, perhaps switching devices, etc... It's a very non-linear journey. The audience targeting allows us to remind and nurture users down the funnel to get to the purchase across devices and across platforms.

We Can Get You Results Too

Schedule a quick 15 minute call with us to discuss your website and we can tell you what you can expect based on your current situation and goals. We can also answer any questions you might have. Remember, we have a guaranteed revenue generation - if you don't make money, we don't get paid.

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