Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Our Approach

LIFTOFF Digital takes a responsible and methodical approach to search engine optimization. Unfortunately, there are a lot of spammy and "fly-by-night" companies that try to make a quick buck with SEO (in fact, you've probably been solicited at least a few times by e-mail). We're the opposite of those kinds of organizations. With LIFTOFF, we’ve been doing this work for years, and you've got a local group of experts that can implement a unique and personalized strategy for your specific website. Our process is transparent - here's how it works:

Month #1 – Initial Research and Covering the Basics

Before we can start on any SEO campaign, we need to establish what kinds of phrases we want to be targeting. This is extremely important because we want to make sure that we're using phrases that potential customers are actually using and are actually searching for. Good keyword phrases are:

  • Searched frequently on Google
  • Not competitively overcrowded
  • Highly relevant to products/services you offer

We start by getting a list of keywords that you feel match what you offer as well as asking you some other questions about your company. We then take that information and do research to find related keywords that competitors use and that users are searching for. From there, we narrow down the list to 3-5 key phrases that we want to target based on the above criteria. We typically try to keep this initial target list small as to not spread our efforts too thin.

Once we have the keyword strategy, we want to make sure that the basics are covered for your website. We'll make sure that Google Analytics and Google Search Console are properly set up and that there aren't any errors or red flags. If you’re marketing locally, we’ll also make sure that your Google Business listing is properly set up.

Month #2 – Technical SEO

With Technical SEO, we’re focused on ensuring that there aren’t any technical problems with the site that would hamstring rankings later on in the process. In this step, we’re going to review Google Search Console in-depth and make adjustments as needed. We’ll also set up a sitemap that we'll submit to Google and make sure that all of your website pages are properly indexed as well as manually prompting Google to do an initial crawl of the website. We’re also going to look for any mobile or speed issues from Google’s perspective. Additionally, we’re making sure there aren’t any broken links on the site and that Google isn’t seeing any errors on the site.

Month #3 – On-Page Optimization

In this phase, we’re making sure that the website content is relevant to the keyword phrases we’re targeting. Additionally, we make sure that each page is optimized for a specific search intent. Specifically, we’re making sure that:

  1. Proper title tags are set up on each page targeting a specific search intent
  2. Meta descriptions are set up on each page and are optimized for engagement from the search results page
  3. Each page has a proper heading hierarchy
  4. Each page makes use of targeted keyword phrasing (using natural language)
  5. Alt tags are implemented on images
  6. Page names and structure are optimized
  7. Rich snippets or microdata markup is implemented where appropriate

Month #4 – Off-Page Optimization

One of the major factors that affects how a website is ranked is the amount of quality backlinks pointed to it. We'll perform research based on the keywords we're targeting as well as competitors to formulate a list of backlinks we can target for the website. These backlinks can not only increase rankings, but can drive direct traffic as well.

Month #5 – Violations

This month we’re focused on making sure the website doesn’t have any penalties associated with it. If it’s a new website, this usually isn’t much of an issue, but older sites can have spammy incoming links or other factors that could cause Google to downgrade the ranking of a website. We want to take a step back and make sure that everything is looking squeaky clean.

Month #6 and Beyond – Tactical Optimizations and Content Marketing

At this stage we want to evaluate the progress made so far. We review competitors that are showing up well with organic search and determine tweaks that we can make to become more relevant in organic rankings. This is something that's done on an ongoing basis to continually improve.

We also start working on content marketing ideas to attract more traffic to the site. This is where Search Engine Optimization starts to morph into Search Engine Marketing. We'll perform research based on the keywords we're targeting to look for related content ideas we can add to the site. These ideas may be articles that can be written, lead generation tools, etc… All designed to bring in additional organic traffic to the website.

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