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How to Stop Referrer Spam

Referrer spam has been a problem in the industry for quite a while now, but there is still a ton of misinformation about the topic out there. We see companies time and time again making the same mistakes in terms of dealing with the problem, and so I wanted to share with you how we've managed to stop referrer spam and the methods that work for us.

How to Write Content for a Website

Writing content for your website can be a challenging exercise - especially if you're not accustomed to doing a lot of writing. Content writing is the number one cause of delay for launching a new website, so use the following tips to help streamline your content writing process.

Our SEO Process

LIFTOFF Digital takes a responsible and methodical approach to search engine optimization. We’ve been doing this work for years, and you've got a local group of experts that can implement a unique and personalized strategy for your specific website. Our process is transparent - here's how it works.

Our Web Development Process

LIFTOFF Digital has a proven method of building great websites. Here's an outline of what you can expect during the process going through all our main project phases from the Kick-Off meeting to the Design phase, then the Production phase, the Programming phase, and finally the Launch!

Internal Website Search Analytics

Analyzing internal website search data can provide a gold mine of information pertaining to your users. It tells you what your users are looking for (in their own words) and helps you determine if users are able to successfully find what they're looking for.

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