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With everything going on related to COVID, many businesses are struggling. LIFTOFF Digital has developed a number of services we offer at zero cost! Please select one below to learn more about how you can take advantage of them...

  • FREEConsultation

    We'll conduct a consultation (by phone or screen share) to discuss your website needs, brainstorm some ideas, and offer options to address them!

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  • FREESite Audit

    We'll conduct an internal audit of your site analyzing a number of metrics. We'll then send a report identifying bottlenecks to driving more leads.

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  • FREEGoogle Listing

    We'll create a Google "My Business" listing and/or optimize one for you, no charge! We can help more people find your business!

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We continue to help our clients post COVID-19 messages and pages free of charge.

All free service options are limited by schedule. LIFTOFF captures all requests and moves through them on a first come basis. LIFTOFF also considers other factors when deciding to take on requests and may, for a variety of reasons, not be capable of taking on every request.